Thematic group exhibitions

Since 2013, Burkhard Brunn has been curating various travelling exhibitions in collaboration with gallery friends, each of which is documented with photos and a short essay in a brochure (DIN A5). These group exhibitions treat the exhibits only under one aspect and place them under this one aspect into a tradition. Under the theme "Reduction", for example, it can be shown that the otherwise very different works with their minimalist tendencies not only have one dimension in common, but also share it with works by the Dutch still life painter Pieter Claesz, for example, who created a painting in the Baroque period whose content is reduced to a herring, a glass of beer, and a piece of white bread (Rotterdam). It thus becomes clear that contemporary art is part of a long, often forgotten, sometimes hidden tradition.
Apart from Charlotte Posenenske, artists of different generations and nations participate in these exhibitions, those who have already exhibited at the documenta or at biennials and those who are still unknown. The intention is, among other things, to make it easier for good young artists to gain access to the social and economic subsystem of art through joint exhibitions with established artists. Since Charlotte Posenenske is now renowned, it is not difficult for Burkhard Brunn to establish and maintain contact with good gallery owners. In their exhibitions or exhibition stands he searches for and finds works which he can then exhibit under a relevant theme. He does not choose these themes with the aim of expressing the spirit of the times. Although all themes are supposed to establish a connection to art history, i.e. to tradition, there is always an implicit (i.e. not thematic) connection to contemporary social phenomena. All exhibits are non-representational and not decorative. They are not "delicious", but their contemplation requires education and reflection. The works Burkhard Brunn selects are never suggestive in the sense that they emotionally overwhelm the viewer.

Implicit Movement

Gallery Sofie Van de Velde. Antwerp. 2020


Gallery Mathias Günthner. Hamburg. 2019

Memento Mori

Daniel Marzona. Berlin. 2019

Back Stage: The Rear Side [3]

Gallery Thomas Rehbein: Köln. 2018

Back Stage: The Rear Side [2]  

Gallery Mehdi Chouakri. Berlin. 2018

Back Stage: The Rear Side [1]

Gallery Sofie Van de Velde. Antwerp. 2015


Gallery Mathias Güntner. Hamburg. 2017

Minimizing Modes

Gallery Gisela Clement. Bonn. 2016

Conceptual Landscapes

Gallery Mathias Günthner. Hamburg. 2016

Into the darkness or out into the light, landscape painting from two perspectives

DEAR FUTURE ME. Gallery Thomas Rehbein: Brussels. 2016


Gallery Daniel Marzona. Berlin. 2015

That‘s all.

Gallery Sofie Van de Velde. Antwerp. 2015

Just that

Gallery Martina Detterer. Frankfurt. 2015


Gallery Thomas Rehbein: Köln. 2014


Showroom Wiensowskie & Harbord. Berlin. 2013