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Burkhard Brunn also works as a publicist from time to time. He has written a series of funny stories for the Frankfurt scene magazine "Rogue" and the Frankfurt homeless newspaper "Lobby", the main character of which is the famous comic type Scrooge Duck, the richest duck in the world.
On the occasion of the revival of the German main train stations he wrote a book together with the city planner Diedrich Praeckel from the office Albert Speer entitled "Der Hauptbahnhof wird Stadttor" (1992, Verlag anabas).
Burkhard Brunn published a paperback with an epilogue by Ullsteinverlag entitled "Giacomo Casanova, mein Leben" (1997, ISBN 3-548-24326-6).



Infrastructure und the big ego
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Frankfurt am Main, 2010

The Provisional

Frankfurt am Main, February 2014

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